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  Greetings Tennis Enthusiasts:


         As Rozotti's next tournament is in the future, other activities are taking priority.

          Like the Guinness World Records folks. It's probably no surprise to you that Rozotti's, world famous, had the most players of any similar tennis event in the world -- 344.  Of course we counted no one twice (no, and not 3 times), even if they played in serveral different divisions.

          Were you there?? Check back in a few days and the names of all who participated will be right here. Count'em yourself.

          Yes, I know you are asking, what about the Cancer Tournament, a great, hugely popular event put on by Dave Ciano - and for a good cause. Well, Dave advises that he does not have the number of players from his event, but is pretty certain that Rozotti's 344 takes the cake and World Record, too.  Dave is a smart guy.

          Given time we will respond to Guinness' inquiry, but right now we are working on renovating the SLO high school tennis facility.  If you have not received any information, please let me know ( The SLO tennis complex is in a really nice setting already, so sprucing it up will be easy... but, we are looking for suggestions. If you have any please send them. Thank you. Then look forward to being there for our high school players - support them by showing up for the games. Cheering is becoming slightly more accepted at the high school level.

          Speaking of the Cancer Tournament, Rozotti's, the Santa Lucia Classic, etc., we have received thousands of requests for a History of San Luis Obispo County Tennis. So, we are game and you will see it developed here. If you have some history, send it along. Thank you.

           Oh, you didn't play the Santa Lucia Classic. Well, those that did will tell you that for years it lived up to its name. But where are Swede and Julie, Mike and Ione, and the others (Rawson LLoyd...) who made it the tournament to play. 


            It is a good idea to join the Five Cities Tennis Association for consistent up-to-date tennis information ( Ron, Adele, Ed, et al., work very hard to provide the best for our tennis community. Give it a try; your dues (about the cost of a cup of coffee) go to a worthwihile cause - you and other tennis players.  If you join I bet you will play more!




                                                Richard Rossi


Thank You:

Rozotti's would like to thank the following contributors. Please patronize these generous companies: 


- SLO Roasted Coffee                      - Tennis Warehouse

-Charter Cable                                 - Appliance Central

- First American Title Co.                  - Pacific Beverage Co.

- Cattaneo Bros                               




 Rozotti's is every Labor Day- Plan on it!  When will this be true again.